Why you should not buy hearing aids online?

Online shopping has made our lives easier. You can order things with one click. Like other products, people have started comparing costs and purchasing hearing aids online. But, is it right to purchase hearing aids online, while saving time, energy, and money in the short term. You should “NEVER BUY HEARING AIDS ONLINE”, no matter how good a deal you are getting. A few of reasons are –

  • The selection of hearing aids requires complete hearing testing by a certified Audiologist. You should always buy hearing aids from Audiologist only. These hearing tests cannot be done online.
  • A certified Audiologist will help you to choose the right hearing aid for you, fitting to your need and budget for e.g. selection of the type of hearing aids (BTE, RIC, CIC, ITE, ITC, and IIC), selection of ear moulds etc. This selection cannot be done online and you will be confused.
  • Sometimes just buying hearing aids does not solve the problem. A qualified Audiologist will identify your hearing loss and will help refer to other medical professionals to treat the cause, if any. SOLUTION FOR EVERY HEARING LOSS IS NOT HEARING AIDS.
  • Just buying hearing aids will not solve the purpose. It requires regular follow-ups by qualified Audiologist to program your hearing aids. It will help in getting maximum results from hearing aids.
  • Hearing aids are amplification devices. Less amplification leads to poor understanding of speech. And over-amplification can damage hearing further. For comfortable listening experience hearing aids should be programmed properly.

You might buy hearing aids online, seeing great discounts. But you might be left dissatisfied with your hearing aid purchased. Most hearing aids purchased online do not carry warranty from hearing aid companies.

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