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Lavanya Speech and Hearing centre is leading speech therapy center in jaipur, We do the assessment and management of speech and hearing problems of all age groups and also organizes campaigns, seminars, and workshops for speech and hearing individuals. We have the best speech therapist in jaipur with more than 10 years of experience, they provide their best and help people who are not gifted with normal senses by joining various camps and connected them to the people and life. 

Speech Therapy Sessions in Jaipur

Speech therapy is done by an experienced Speech-Language Pathologist (RCI Registered). The result of speech therapy can take some time to show positive results but they are worth waiting. Our therapists try different types of activities like singing a song smoothly, reading books, and communicating gestures and these activities give quick results to patients.


Online Speech Therapy Sessions

Due to covid-19, speech therapist gives their services by Online Speech Therapy to patients. Teletherapy and swallowing therapy sessions are similar here patients and therapists interact via live conferencing. Therapists do regular follow-ups for getting the best results without any medicines. Patients consult with our expert therapist online with safety at home and attend virtual sessions.


Lavanyasphear team is the best speech therapist in Jaipur that helps you with your speech and hearing issues and also provide information related to your problems. The team helps you select the right speech pathologist and hearing aid audiologist in the opinion of your health problems. Want to know more information’s about our expert speech therapists team, then read our team member articles. You can fix your appointment on one phone call and directly discuss with our audiologist and pathologist.

You can have a online appointment with our therapist in this a pandemic situation.


Frequent to ask questions



Who is a speech therapist?

Speech therapy is an intervention service that aims to improve the speech and language comprehension and expressiveness of a child, including nonverbal communication. The experts who provide these services are speaking therapists, or speech and language pathologists (SLPs). There are two components of speech therapy:

1) coordinating the mouth to generate sounds to form words and phrases, and

2) understanding and expressing language (to address the use of language through written, body, pictorial, and sign forms, and the use of language through alternative communication systems such as computers, social media, and iPads). Furthermore, the role of SLPs has widened to include all aspects of feeding in the treatment of swallowing disorders.



Who needs to see a speech therapist?

Parents sometimes note that there’s something wrong, but they don’t know where to start. From birth, babies start learning. You can’t tell a ton, but they can listen, learn, and distinguish between sounds. The babies learned all of these sounds receptively at around nine months and now have to improve their motor skills for them to begin saying the sounds. Early intervention therapy for children aged 0-3 years focuses on pre-linguistic skills that are the basis of language and necessary for communication. Some children may have exceptional grammar and may even be early readers, but they may require speech therapy to enhance the process of using verbal and body language correctly in social settings for daily purposes, such as communicating, asking, and making friends.

Other reasons why children may require speech therapy include medical disorders that have impaired their ability to communicate, such as brain damage or other infections. Services also start at a young age and continue as kids reach school and begin to engage with written language.



What is the difference between an audiologist and a speech pathologist?

Although they deal with communication in both professions, they are very different. To formulate recovery plans, audiologists focus primarily on hearing and hearing-impaired individuals by examining physical conditions. In comparison, speech-language pathologists concentrate on communication’s emotional ailments.

SLP deals with a broader variety of topics, not only limited to those who have hearing difficulties. Patients can be, someone who restores contact after a stroke or someone who needs an undesired accent to be removed.



Does the speech therapist offer medication?

No, the Speech-Language Pathologist cannot recommend any medicine. Often they help the doctor assess the effectiveness of ADHD or seizure treatments by filling out forms for these regions, while the doctor determines the efficacy of the medication or dosage.



What are speech therapists treating?

Fluency—stuttering, and cluttering
Speech—The eloquence
Language—Ability to understand spoken and written language;

Cognition—attention, memory, problem-solving capacity

Speech—Characteristics of the voice tone

Auditory Habilitation & Auditory Rehabilitation—rehabilitation strategies related to speech, hearing & speech disabilities.

Swallowing problems—Stroke and Congenital Disorders

Other services—focus or dialect alteration, technical voice creation, transgender voice, business communication modification, and voice hygiene.



What are the advantages of speech therapy?

Speech therapy is known to enhance overall communication for people with ASD and also enhances their functions in daily life as well as their capacity to forge social relationships. Speech therapy helps the child develop a capacity to express his or her needs. Speech therapy allows them to express words and phrases well and interact in a way that others understand.



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