Role of Teletherapy in Speech Therapy during COVID-19 Pandemic

2019 Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) has brought lot of challenges worldwide. Social distancing and Mask has become compulsory to prevent from infection. Teletherapy  has helped to continue with Speech therapy services.

Teletherapy for Speech Therapist help to use their time efficiently. Patients can be connected via video-conferencing. Interaction is same as it would be one-to-one communication in your clinic. As Speech therapy requires face-to-face interaction, teletherapy is a good option. Patients can use their smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet for Speech therapy session in real-time. It allows taking session even if therapist and patient are sitting at remote places.

There is no waiting time, travelling time & travelling cost as it used to be during clinic/hospital visits. Speech therapy session can be taken in patient’s comfortable environment. As Speech therapy requires oral work-up, teletherapy helps to take session without mask and there is no fear of spreading infection. Teletherapy increases chance of starting Speech therapy session on time as there is no travelling, no chances of getting stucked in traffic, no tiredness. It further enhances the effectiveness of speech therapy session.

Besides advantages of teletherapy, few of limitations which I observed are that Patient and Speech therapist feels less connected. Speech therapist cannot provide adequate cues to teach particular sounds. Speech therapist requires more effort to make the patient understand and implement techniques on themselves.

But, ignoring limitations, teletherapy is boon during COVID-19 pandemic. Teletherapy helps patients and speech therapist to remain connected.

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