Pure Tone Audiometry

Specific & single frequency tones are called Pure Tones. Audiometry is a procedure by which person’s ability to detect sound is measured at different frequencies. Graphical representation of a person’s hearing detection ability across different frequencies is called Audiogram.

  • To check hearing sensitivity
  • To identify various pathologies of Ear
  • To assess ototoxic effects of medicine
  • To assess effect of loud noises on hearing
  • To monitor progressive hearing loss
  • To assess degenerative changes of hearing
  • To identify Malingering of hearing loss

Pure tone audiometry is a gold standard test for detection of type and degree of hearing loss. Hearing thresholds are measured in dBHL. The instrument used for assessment of hearing sensitivity is Audiometer. Pure tone Audiometry is a subjective test. It should be tested in a sound proof or sound treated room. Test instructions should be given prior to testing.