Lavanya Speech and Hearing Centre is leading hearing aid center in Jaipur that have an expertise of thirteen years in hearing aid consultation and speech therapy. It had been based with the aim to enhance the standard of lifetime of those who area unit unable to listen to either because of any style of hearing disorder. we tend to concentrate on you and your communication wants. we tend to area unit dedicated for customized Speech & Hearing services, in spite of age.

Our veteran audiologists and hearing consultant’s area unit ready to perform correct diagnosing and treatment for any reasonably hearing disorder and speech issues. Every year many previous hearing aid unit replaced with previous ones in hearing aid center in Jaipur with our material possession theme to urge higher discount on new purchases.

Hearing Aid Fitting

All your hearing needs will be provided your experts:

  • Hearing disorder: Hearing loss is once you’re unable to partly or utterly hear sound in one or each of your ears. hearing disorder generally happens step by step over time.
  • Hearing test: If you’ve got a typical representation, highlight the twenty-sound unit line that crosses the graph from left to right.
  • Hearing aids: A hearing aid could be a tiny device that you just wear in or behind your ear. It makes some sounds louder so an individual with hearing disorder will listen, communicate, and participate additional totally in daily activities. A hearing aid will facilitate folks hear additional in each quiet and abuzz thing.
  • Hearing protection: Hearing protection is employed to scale back noise reaching the wearer’s ear, then scale back the chance of hearing harm from excessive noise. The effectiveness of hearing protection is usually restricted by personal and geographic point factors, and it will scale back the perceptibility of warning sounds.

Styles of Hearing Aids:

Hearing Aid Center in Jaipur provides hearing aids of different sizes and designs because of advancements in digital technology and miniaturisation of the inner elements. several of today’s hearing aids area unit thought of sleek, compact, and innovative – giving solutions to a good vary of hearing aid wearers.

Some of them area unit in Hearing Aid Center in Jaipur: – IIC (Invisible in Canal), CIC (Completely in Canal), BTE (Behind the Ear), ITE (In the Ear), RIC (Receiver in Canal), ITC (In the Canal) and latest Digital Hearing Aids area unit a number of the categories of hearing aids that you just will selected from Hearing Aids place in Jaipur.

Hearing loss
  1. Invisible In Canal:– This hearing aid is the tiniest invisible hearing aids within the ear as this hearing aids work down within the auditory meatus in addition as they’re well hidden from others.
  2. Utterly In Canal:– it’s a really tiny hearing aid that well fits within the auditory canal to assist with delicate in day-to-day life in hearing disorder.
  3. Within the Canal (ITC):- ITC-style hearing aids are custom-made, supported a sway taken of your auditory meatus and also the close space. they’re slightly larger than completely in canal hearing aids, however still thought of cosmetically appealing. All of the elements in associate ITC hearing aid are caused among a light-weight plastic shell.
  4. Full Shell within the Ear:- within the Ear hearing aid, the area unit larger in size which suggests that they’re ideal for people with an additional severe level of hearing disorder, it may have additional amplification than a moulded in-canal aid will offer.
  1. Regular acoustic tube in BTE:- This hearing aid sits behind the ear and helps to attach from sound tube to ear mould in custom-built approach.
  2. Slim tube in BTE:- This hearing aid is as just like the regular tube; however, its acoustic tube is incredibly slim. this is often even additional discreet device that is sort of invisible from a read purpose.
  3. Receiver in canal in BTE:- This hearing aid receiver sits within the auditory canal. The burden of the shell is reduced and also the sound towards the tympanic membrane is amplified nearer.

Rechargeable hearing aids:

Rechargeable hearing aids are the primary to feature a specifically designed intrinsically lithium-ion reversible battery that has one day of hearing with unlimited streaming. With four-hundredth additional power than typical reversible batteries, lithium-ion is reliable and capable of supporting the superior technology and performance of reversible hearing aids. currently you’ll fancy the liberty and confidence of knowing that your reversible hearing aids are handily charged and prepared to require you thru long days and nights, if necessary.

Super-fast charging:-

Rechargeable hearing aids are super-fast charging and long lasting. they offer you one day of hearing with a 2-hour charge. If you’re during a rush, you’ll have confidence a brief 15-minute charge to provide you up to three hours of full performance. Plus, they are available with easy-to-use good charging choices, to upset where you’re, while not having to fret concerning running out of power.

Super fast charging

About team members

Dr. Sushmita Agrawal


Sushmita Agrawal has been the Speech & Hearing service provider at various centers at Jaipur, Rajasthan since November 2009. She is the founder of best hearing aid center in Jaipur. She has expertise in dysphagia rehabilitation, hearing aid fittings and speech & language problems. She is Life Member of Indian Speech & Hearing Association. She has been external examiner for various courses of speech and hearing field. She is providing Speech and Swallowing therapy during Covid 19 Pandemic situation through tele consultation / virtual consultation / video consultation.

Co – Founder:

Vikas Kumar Verma is a RCI certified clinical Audiologist & Speech-Language Pathologist. He has been practicing Audiology & Speech Language Pathology services since 2007, when he received a Bachelor’s degree in Hearing, Language & Speech from AYJNIHH College, Mumbai, Maharashtra University of Health Science (MUHS). He has extensive experience of Audiology Diagnostics and Voice, Fluency, Articulation & Neurological Speech Language problems.

He has been external examiner for various courses of speech and hearing field. He attended various workshops, seminars, webinars, hands-on training and conferences of Speech and Hearing to update his knowledge time to time. He is providing Speech Therapy during Covid-19 Pandemic situation through tele-consultation / virtual consultation / video consultation.

Dr. Vikas Verma

Hearing Aid Center

Hearing Aid Fitting and Dispensing:

Once hearing aid is chosen by client, Audiologist work begin and that they can match and programme elite hearing aid supported hearing check report and hearing desires.

Some of the following pointers are explained:–

  • How to place on and take away hearing aids?
  • How to change on and off hearing aids?
  • How to insert and take away batteries?
  • How to charge reversible hearing aids?
  • How to require care and maintain hearing aids?
  • How to require care of Ear Moulds?

If hearing impairment is in each ear then hearing aid ought to be fitted to both ears for higher understanding of speech in howling setting, cluster state of affairs and localization. Gap between detection of hearing impairment and hearing aid fitting mustn’t be long. Accordingly, we will schedule appointments for the customers to solve their problems and queries.

Need for Hearing Aids

Do you need a Hearing Aid?

Hearing loss will have a big impact on a person’s life. It will have an effect on their ability to find out and procure quality education, earn associate degree financial gain, build friends, communicate with family and socialize usually. hearing impairment will have an effect on any age and any form of person. If left untreated, it will result in social isolation and emotional issues like frustration, suspicion, depression and psychosis.

We at the best hearing aid center in Jaipur will guide you to pick a dependable and straightforward to use Hearing Aid System. want for hearing aids are set supported hearing testing. throughout hearing testing elaborated chronicle is taken to see what quantity your problem is impacting your lifestyle communication.

“Early treatment is best” – once individuals, particularly older individuals, are unable to listen to for long periods of your time, it will cause them to feel detached from the globe. In fact, those that use hearing aids have a lower risk of dementedness than those that don’t use them. Results of hearing testing in hearing aid center can offer Audiologist, a thought regarding what sounds he/she could be listening/missing in lifestyle routine. To create certain, you perceive once and wherever to urge hearing aids, it helps to know the approach hearing impairment and hearing aids work.

our mission

Our Mission:

“We get to enhance the standard of lifetime of folks with Speech, Hearing and Swallowing issues by providing highest quality preventative and rehabilitative services among our scope of follow.” Lavanya Speech and Hearing Centre started our clinical follow with a vision of providing prime quality services to Speech and Hearing downside people. we wish to supply proof based mostly clinical services for Speech, Language, Swallowing & Hearing downside people.

Our goal is to expand and boost Speech & Hearing services among our scope of follow and basic aim is to be recognized as a pacesetter providing customized services in Hearing Aid Center in Jaipur. we try to attain this mission by maintaining moral follow in Speech & Hearing field in Jaipur.


Why Choose us?

Under this profession, many hearing aid care professionals are available in Jaipur. So, the question raises, who should be the right person? To Whom to trust?

This is wherever several patients begin window shop by thinking solely the financial advantages not over quality. Finally, they purchase a hearing aid that’s not appropriate for them and later blame it on the hearing aid. Therefore, locating a decent hearing care skilled is incredibly vital. But there’s a new vital technique, Lavanya Speech and Hearing Centre pays a lot of attention to that that is “WORD OF MOUTH”. The doctors at best hearing aid center in Jaipur are master Audiologist in Jaipur area and well qualified hearing care professionals whom will identify the type of loss and suggest a proper hearing aid to our valuable customers.

Our aim is to satisfy the customer which will help us to attract new customers. We don’t only sell hearing aids as well as we make sure that customers use it in a regular basis.

hearing survey


What Process to Expect at the Hearing Aid Centre?

Our team is highly qualified and we are always committed to deliver the highest level of comforts and care to our patients.

  • At our Hearing Aid Center in Jaipur, you may be placed in a very sound insulated booth with a group of headphones over the ears, which is able to be connected to the measuring instrument. The audiologist can send tones at numerous frequencies to each the ears, one at a time to plot the loudness on associate representation.
  • The audiologist can raise you to signal by raising hand after you hear even the mildest tone. He can plot points on a graph and turn out results of your hearing capability.
  • Based on results, our extremely mean hearing consultants can advise you on kind of hearing aids that may suit you best. you’ll additionally attempt them for gratis at the clinic.
  • If happy with the trial you’ll obtain the hearing aid throughout your visit. We use differing types of hearing tests like otoscopy, resistivity takes a look at, Oto Acoustic Emissions (OAE) take a look at and audile brain stem Response (ABR- that is completed for sleuthing hearing disorder in children), to see the degree of hearing disorder.

Are Headphones Resulting in Hearing Loss?

As the years passing, hearing aid device is changing into a lot of and a lot of easy, but are the proper measures taken to safeguard the harm caused? in step with the reports by World Health Organisation in 2015, it had been expressed that one.1 billion teenagers and young adults are at the chance of hearing impairment because of the loud noises from their mobile devices and headphones.
Due to some major reasons: Danger radar- high, avoid maximum levels of noise, Smartphone apps to aids and over use.

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