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Importance of Auditory Stimulation in Pre-term babies: What Mothers can do!

When a baby is born pre-term, life becomes very challenging for both baby and parents. Appropriate auditory stimulation becomes utmost important during very early years of life. High risk babies are shifted to NICU where they are suddenly exposed to high level of sounds. Unless there is any congenital abnormality, most infants are able to […]

Hearing Loss: When you should start wearing hearing aids?

Hearing loss is a condition which can occur due to many reasons, since birth to old age. But, solution for every hearing problem is not hearing aids. You should be aware about correct time for hearing aid fitting, when this is the only solution/treatment left based on assessment. CONGENITAL HEARING LOSS If a child is […]

Role of SLPs in Swallowing Rehabilitation

Normal swallowing process requires coordination of muscles and nerves to move solid or liquid from oral cavity to stomach. Swallowing occurs in three stages; oral, pharyngeal and esophageal stage. Speech Language Pathologists are involved in clinical and objective assessment of swallowing process, diagnosis of swallowing problems, planning of swallowing rehabilitation, decision making for starting oral […]